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Environmental Website Services

Umwelt.Science offers a totally unique service. We combine our experience, knowledge and skills in environmental science, languages, and website programming and design, to offer support to website operators. If you want a content-rich, well-structured and maintained website, and consultation on how to get your online profile seen by the scientific and environmental community, then we are the service you need.

We specialise in developing website content for environmental organisations, and in creating environmental communication website sections for companies with good environmental management systems.

  • Website Design

    • We have been making websites for sixteen years, and offer a unique service for scientific websites. Our staff are experts in programming, and use PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, original graphics, audiovideo, podcasts, and social media integration, to ensure your site is state-of-the-art and cross-media compatible.

    • Checklist for a successful website:
      • Structure
      • The architecture of a website becomes a virtual map which guides and informs the users. The better sites are custom-made, and develop in response to the needs of their users.

      • Content
      • "Content is King" for user fidelity. We combine our technical knowledge with scientific content generation to develop your site to stand out from the internet crowd.

      • Search Engine Performance
      • More than a buzzword, SEO is the guarantor that the structure and content are doing their job. Your site needs to be evolving along with your clients and continuously adapting to the internet ecosystem. Talk to us about how to bring your site to the top of the trophic pyramid.

  • Content Engineering

    • Our many years of experience have taught us that it is the content which is the most important factor in the success of a website. We are experts in environmental science, and offer a special content design service for websites with scientific information requirements. If you need a better website, with scientific content designed specifically for your target audience, ask for a no-obligation consultation.

      Our content-providing service is a fast and inexpensive solution for adding high-value individualised content to your website, newsletter and social media channels.

      We provide content for websites, presentations and other documents. We offer content solutions that integrate the precise selection and provision of content and data in a single service. Our services include the strategic planning of your online communication, the creation of individual formats (unique content), and the optimization of existing content.

  • Environmental Communications

    • Your company takes its corporate responsibilities seriously. You invest time and money in minimising your environmental impacts as much as possible. Your customers, staff and regulatory authorities should be aware of this. We offer a special service, adding environmental communication sections to websites. Our staff includes an environmental consultant and IT capabilities, to ensure your message and corporate image are presented accurately and efficiently.

  • Examples

    • oecoach.com

    • Umwelt.Science

      • A custom-designed bilingual (D/E) forum and information website about environmental affairs, with a special focus on Switzerland and Germany's environmental programmes. The site was designed and is managed by our director, the environmental consultant, writer, journalist and translator, Andrew Bone.

        Main topics: Energy, Pollution Control and Sustainability.

    • ScienceLibrary.info

      • An interactive online resource which educates and informs about science. We built and manage this comprehensive, multi-platform website, which includes original graphics, AV, and custom-made interactive quiz systems of different types.

        Main subjects: Physics, Mathematics, History of Science, Biology, Chemistry, Space and Astronomy, Environment, and much more.

    • SchoolScientist.com

      • An online resource for students and teachers of science and mathematics, used by international schools. We built and manage this comprehensive, database website, which includes course notes with integrated audiovisuals, thousands of example questions, exam preparation, labs, tutorials, and quizzes.

        Main subjects: Physics and Mathematics.

    • Transalpine.ch

      • A leading translation service in southern Switzerland since 1990. This is our sister company for translations, and we designed and manage their website.

        For all your requirements in scientific and technical translations. Languages: English, German, French, Italian, and more.

    • Carbotech.ch

      • A leading environmental consultancy, with offices in Basel and Zürich, Switzerland. We have provided highly-specialised website content to them for nearly 20 years. Document translations include LCAs, EIAs, test reports, pollution abatement projects, hazardous goods, asbestos decontamination, recycling and environmental auditing.

    • AlpTransit.ch

      • Transalpine is our sister company for translation services. We were the official translation service for the AlpTransit Media office during the project launch, executing brochures and website content in English, French, Italian and German. Document translations include media information, brochures, website, technical documents, EIA, recycling, aggregate usage assessment report.

    • Metas.ch

      • We have translated more than 100 pages of scientific content for the Swiss Physical Laboratory and Metrology Institute METAS (Eidgenössisches Institut für Metrologie) website, as well as many other documents and databases. Reports and documents related to measurement systems, instrumentation, laboratory techniques, S.I. units, and other technical subjects.

    • Others

      • Other website design clients include: VitruvianBoy.com, ZumGuy.com, weblog.zumguy.com, pascaledesign.ch, momo40k.ch, schoolscience.ch, culturalportal.ch, and many more....


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