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Who's Who in Environmental Science

Sean Bone


Sean Bone is the webmaster of the ZumGuy Network, and develops and manages a number of different websites of different types.
Languages: English and Italian bilingual, German and French

    • Nationality
    • Swiss

    • Subject
    • Computing Science

    • Fields
    • Websites, programming, graphic design

    • Positions
    • Student of Computational Science at ETH Zürich (Zurich Institute of Technology)

    • Publications
    • ZumGuy I.T. Weblog

      Sean Bone's CV (pdf)

      Matura project: Elliptic Curves
      In this document I explore the mathematical peculiarities of modular arithmetic and Elliptic Curves, and then move on to their representation with the programming language Python.

    • Website
    • www.zumguy.com



    • Database-driven web systems
    • Content management systems
    • User-generated content websites
    • Online form validation
    • Security and password management


    • Program optimization
    • Specialized libs (matplotlib, Pygame, ...)
    • Mathematics and plotting
    • Basic videogame engines
    • Object-oriented programming


    • AJAX for dynamic content updating
    • Pan-Browser compatibility
    • Custom libraries
    • Page Performance Enhancement
    • Multimedia Playback
    • Object-oriented programming


    • Content engineering
    • Analytics
    • Tools and techniques


    • Website design and presentation
    • CSS3
    • Cross-browser integrity and stability

      Cross-Platform Communication

    • JSON
    • XML
    • SOAP
    • CSV

    Service Offer

    • Website and e-commerce design
    • SEO consultation
    • Internet applications

    Sean Bone's CV (pdf)

    ZumGuy Publications Profile

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