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Swiss Wind Technology

Switzerland must develop renewable energy resources domestically, and also abroad. How will wind-generated electricity be integrated into the existing network?

The Swiss government's incentive programme for renewable energy projects provides for a subsidy to solar PV owners to ensure they can cover the difference between the cost of installation and the market price for the electricity they generate.

With the Energy Strategy 2050 (ES 2050), the Federal Council and Parliament have decided that the nuclear power plants in Switzerland should not be replaced by new nuclear power plants at the end of their technical service life. The purchase of nuclear power from abroad is also to be stopped. By 2050, electricity from renewable sources is expected to replace most of the lost electricity from nuclear power plants, which will necessitate a strong increase in the production of all renewable energies in Switzerland. In 2015, wind power production in Switzerland was around 0.12 TWh/a. The ES 2050 envisages gradually increasing this to 4.3 TWh/a per year by 2050. This is about 7% of total national current electricity demand, and corresponds to 400-600 turbines of the 2.5-3.5MW class.

The cantons themselves determine how and to what extent they promote the expansion of renewable energies and, in particular, the use of wind energy.

Useful sites: https://wind-data.ch/; https://www.wind-energie.ch/