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German Solar Technology

Germany experienced a boom in solar power in the years 2010-12. The 22.5GW of installed capacity in these years amounted to 30% of the world additional capacity. Since then, new capacity has fallen dramatically to just 1.53GW in 2016, despite installation costs falling to a quarter of the costs a decade ago. As a result, most of the large solar farm projects date from this period.

Solar farms with capacities greater than 60MWp

1. Solar Complex Senftenberg

Solarkomplex Senftenberg
Solarkomplex Senftenberg, with 246MWp, is Germany's largest photovoltaic complex.

Capacity: 246 MWp. Start: 24 Sept, 2011

Photovoltaic free-standing plant, Brandenburg. Consists of: Solarpark Schipkau (72 MWp), Solarparks Senftenberg I (18 MWp), II and III (78 MWp). The combined facilities have 636,000 solar modules.

2. Flugplatz Neuhardenberg

Flugplatz Neuhardenberg
Solar farm Neuhardenberg Airport, Brandenburg. Photovoltaic system, capacity 145 MWp. Began production March 2013.

Capacity: 145 MWp. Start: March 2013

Photovoltaic free-standing plant, Brandenburg. In 2015, an additional battery-powered storage power plant was built, lithium-ion accumulators with an output of 5 MW and a storage capacity of 5 MWh. The solar park consists of several sub-areas with a total output of 145 MWp on 240 ha and was the most powerful solar park in Germany when it was put into operation. The annual standard working capacity is around 140 GWh.

3. Solar Farm Templin-Groß Dölln

Capacity: 128 MWp. Start: 30 Sept, 2012

Photovoltaic system on 214 ha (2.14 km2), 1.5 million thin-film modules (First Solar), and 114 inverters. Construction costs 204,5M euro.

4. Solarpark Brandenburg-Briest

Capacity: 91 MWp. Start: 1. Dez. 2011

383,000 crystalline PV modules with a module area of 65 ha, arranged on an area of about 200 ha. Each module has an output of 230-245 Wp. Average annual output of around 10 MW (12% peak power).

5. Finow Tower I + II (Schorfheide, Militärflugplatz Eberswalde/Finow)

Capacity: 84,7 MWp. Start: 1 Dec, 2011

Open space photovoltaic system in Brandenburg. The annual standard capacity of the overall plant is around 82 GWh.

6. Solarpark Eggebek

Capacity: 83,6 MWp. Start: 1. Dez. 2011

7. Solarpark Finsterwalde (Lichterfeld-Schacksdorf)

Capacity: 80,7 MWp (38GWh). Start: 1. Dez. 2011

8. Solarpark Alt Daber (Wittstock/Dosse)

Capacity: 67,8 MWp (71.4GWh). Start: 2011

Free-standing photovoltaic system in Brandenburg. Module technology: First Solar thin-film technology, 850,000 modules. Battery-powered storage power station since 2014.

Other solar farms

Straßkirchen (54MWp), Lieberose (53MWp), Waldpolenz (52MWp).