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European Energy Capacities

Global energy demand has risen dramatically in the past decades. 144 countries had made commitments to a transition to renewable energy through a promotion mechanism by 2013 (48 in 2004).

France generates 66,130 MW gross total output from 19 nuclear power plants with 58 reactor blocks. 78% of France's electricity is nuclear power, the highest proportion in the world.

France is the world's largest net exporter of energy, to its neighboring countries. In 2008 France imported 10.176 TWh and exported 56.495 TWh (46.319 TWh net). Germany imported 40,245 TWh and exported 62,695 TWh (22,45 TWh net). Switzerland imported almost exactly what it exported (30,5 TWh). Italy, which produces no nuclear power itself, imported 40 TWh net, mainly from France.

France is currently building the Flamanville nuclear power station, a European pressurized water reactor (EPR), with a gross output of 1,650 MW.