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Environmental Online Resources

Here is a list of books related to environmental science, management and policy:

Carbon Pricing: early experience and future prospects

[ETH GB Kb464] Ed. by John Quiggen (Univ. Queensland), David Adamson(Univ. Queensland), and Daniel Quiggen (Georgia State Univ., USA).

In 2012, Australia took the major step of introduction a carbon price, involving the creation of a system of emissions permits initially issued at a fixed price. This book is an in-depth analysis of Australia's policy stance on pricing carbon and its implications for the wider economy.

Clean Energy Nation

Freeing America from the tyranny of fossil fuels

[ETH GB Ja175] Jerry McNerney (Congressman US), Martin Cheek. 2012.

Climate Change and the Crisis of Capitalism

2012. Ed. Mark Pelling, David Manuel-Navarrete, Michael Redclift, Routledge studies in human geography series. [ETH GB Kg1091]

A chance to reclaim self, society and nature. Are established economic, social and political practices capable of dealing with the combined contemporary crises of climate change and intensifying economic inequality and global economic disruption? This volume argues that the combination of global environmental change and the global economic downturn provides an opportunity for critical thinking and policy formulation by highlighting the co-dependence of socio-political and ecological processes.

Climate Policy and Nonrenewable Resources

[ETH GB Kb471], MIT Press 2014, Edited by Karin Pittel et. al.

Decarbonization in the European Union, Internal Policies and External Strategies

Ed. Claire Dupont and Sebastien Oberthür, Palgrave Macmllan, Institute of European Studies, Brussels, 2015 [ETH GB 480].

Essential EU Climate Law

2015. Ed. Woerdman, Roggenkamp, Holwerda (University of Groningen, NL)

Good resources for EU law concerning climate change mitigation: EU Mitigation Law; climate targets and instruments of EU; review of climate relevant directives and regulations; implementation problems; broader issues of energy.

Our Final Century

A scientist's warning: how terror, error, and environmental disaster threaten humankind's future in this century - our Earth and beyond.

Martin Rees 2003 [ETH GB Ka233]

Power in a Warming World

The new global politics of climate change and the remaking of environmental inequality, David Ciplet et.al, MI Press 2015.

Combining rich empirical description with a political economic view of power relations, they document the struggles of states and social groups most vulnerable to a changing climate and describe the emergence of new political coalitions that take climate politics beyond a simple North-South divide. they offer 6 future scenarios in which power relations continue to shift as the world warms. A focus on incremental market-based reform, they argue, has proven insufficient for challenging the enduring power of fossil fuel interests, and will continue to be inadequate without a bolder more inclusive and aggressive response.

Sparking a Worldwide Energy Revolution, social struggles in the transition to a post-petrol world.

Ed. Kolya Abramsky, 2010. [EH GB Ka314]

As the world's energy system faces a period of unprecedented change, a global struggle over who controls the sector - and for what purposes - is intensifying. The question of 'green capitalism' is now unavoidable, for capitalist planners and anti-capitalist struggles alike. From all sides we hear that it's time to save the planet in order to save the economy, but in reality what lies before us is the next round of global class struggle with energy at the center, as the key means of production and subsistence.

Energy, Sustainability and the Environment

Technology, Incentives, Behavior

Edited by Fereidoon P. Sioshansi, [GB Kg 1029] 2011

Collection of papers on Part 1: Challenge of Sustainability, Part 2: Technological Fixes, 3. Case Studies. Chapter 16 is "Swiss 2000-Watt Society by Roland Stutz (Novatlantis - ETH), Stephan Tanner (Intep) and René Sigg (Intep).

A list of online environmental resources.