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  • Environmental Management System
    • An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a comprehensive and systematic methodology, based on ISO 14001, for managing an organization's environmental programme in a way which is well-organised and documented. Its scope covers the structure, planning and resources needed for the development and implementation of a policy which protects the environment.

  • Environmental Management
    • Environmental Management is the part of an organisation's management system which deals with products and services which have an impact on the environment.

      The integrated Environmental Management system allows industries, commercial companies, service providers, or authorities, to strive to constantly reduce their environmental impacts.

  • Environmental review
    • ‘Environmental review’ means an initial comprehensive analysis of environmental aspects, environmental impacts and environmental performance related to an organisation’s activities, products and services.

  • Environmental programme
    • ‘Environmental programme’ means a description of the measures, responsibilities and means taken or envisaged to achieve environmental objectives and targets and the deadlines for achieving the environmental objectives and targets.

  • Environmental objective
    • ‘Environmental objective’ means an overall environmental goal, arising from the environmental policy, that an organisation sets itself to achieve, and which is quantified where practicable.

  • Best environmental management practice
    • ‘Best environmental management practice’ means the most effective way to implement the environmental management system by organisations in a relevant sector and that can result in best environmental performance under given economic and technical conditions.