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Corporate Member Account Management

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    Client Account Programme

    In black the number of days (8 hours) Umwelt.Science guarantees to dedicate to this phase. In red, the recommended minimum number of hours the client should consider dedicating.

  • Client Account initiation

    • User accounts, passwords, client page basic set-up
    • 1 day / 0 h

  • Case Studies

    • Case studies are based on projects, research papers, reports or other documents. These form the core of the material which we produce for you and integrate into the Umwelt.Science international platform (2 languages).
    • 3 days / 1h

  • Staff profiling

    • We meet with your staff and integrate their professional profiles into the professionals' network on the Umwelt.Science platform. This allows us to interconnect your company with research and projects of people and clients all over the world.
    • 1 day / 4h

  • Client portfolio development

    • In this phase, we work hard for you, producing a range of materials to integrate you into the platform. We apply the latest Content Marketing techniques to profile your material, to ensure you are findable by your potential customers, with a high degree of relevance.
    • 3 days / 0h

  • Client Management

    • We want you to understand how best to take advantage of the many opportunities for meaningful promotion the Umwelt.Science platform provides for organisations and individuals. In this post-development phase, and throughout your contractual membership, we will be happy to advise you, and help you continue to develop your profile yourself. We encourage you to make use of the indexed Forum, so that you may interact with a growing public.
    • 1 day / 2h

Umwelt.Science Network

Connecting People

Corporate Member Index

If you are already registered as a corporate member, you may log in here to manage your account.

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Umwelt.Science is an international professionals' network platform, as well as a media and information forum. It offers the latest news about current issues in environmental science and environmental management, as well as many resources for science professionals, and anyone with an interest in environmental affairs. This generates a large and diverse traffic base, which corporate members and environmental specialists may access to promote their services and augment their online profile.

The only rule is that all members of the UmweltScience Network must be contributing to the common goal of safeguarding the planet.

Corporate Members

When your company, association, NGO or other organisation, becomes a Corporate Member, you receive a comprehensive portfolio, providing visitors with a detailed overview of your projects and corporate information. This information is translated into German and English as required, and content-marketing materials produced from it, to provide you with a highly-visible profile for the visitors to the site.

In addition, up to five members of a Corporate Member's organisation may sign up as Experts for the benefits of our integrated Networking system, putting them into contact with relevant professionals around the world. As a client you have full access and all the necessary tools to add to and edit your materials, and year-long support from our technical and creative staff.

The Case Study

As a Corporate Member, you are invited to present your unique service offer to a broad audience through our platform. An effective way to do this is for us to integrate a project report, research paper, or other technical document, into our website. From this case study, we create content marketing opportunities for you, including:

  1. A journalistic article
  2. An internal corporate profile page
  3. An integrated Case Study Page
  4. Reference materials and dictionary entries
  5. Profiles of your staff
  6. An interview and an optional podcast

There is also an active Forum, which can engage visitors in discussions which highlight the good work you are doing.

If you are interested, please fill in this form. We will be in contact with you to discuss the next steps.

Contact form

If you are already registered as a corporate member, you may log in here to manage your account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

“I already have a website, and I use blogs and social media: why should I also be in Umwelt.Science?”

“I already have a webmaster, who looks after my Internet presence. What does Umwelt.Science offer, that is not already being done?”

“Who owns the material, once I embed it in the Umwelt.Science platform?”

“What does it cost?”

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